ACMS Protocol for Releasing Tests

Last Updated: 3/11/2021 6:28 PM

ACMS Protocol

Release of Tests and/or Test Items to Parents and Other Individuals


Appling County Middle School will not release any tests or test items to parents or other individuals due to the possibility of tests and/or test items being administered in the same or different assessments. The listed protocol is in place for review of tests and/or test items by parents and other individuals.


  • Parents may request to view a test and/or test items only after test and/or test items have been administered to all students.
  • Parents must set up a conference with the teacher to view and discuss standards and concepts assessed on a test. The test and/or test items may not be photocopied or hand copied to ensure that no test items are released.
  • Parents may request and be provided the standards, elements, and “like” items which were assessed. If requested, parents should be given a test item of equal difficulty to the missed test item for review and/or practice by the student.  Identical test items may not be released.